Week 1: Ready for a Rematch

March 27, 2016

God does His best work in the dark. God's not finished after you lose a fight.

Week 3: Don't Underestimate My Limp

April 10, 2016

Jacob had a life of struggle.  Most of the struggles we face in life are rooted in our struggle with God.  We can have it God's way and enjoy it.  Or our way and pay for it.

Week 2: You Ain't Going Fishing

April 3, 2016.

Just like Peter, you ain't going fishing. Jesus prayed for you and prophesied over you. He will reposition you and put the right people around you so that you will have a Godly passion for Him.

Week 6: The Name of Jesus

May 1, 2016

The name of Jesus will be your most valuable weapon in your Rematch.

Week 4: When All is Lost

April 17, 2016

A man's greatest fear is failure and greatest pain is regret.  But when a man is down, he's not out!