Come One, Come All..

as Pastor Frank explores the Christmas story with fresh eyes in our sermon series,

"The Greatest Christmas" every weekend in December at all of our locations.


If you love the music of

“The Greatest Showman”


"Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for!"


The Greatest Show

A Christmas musical


Join in this joyful spectacle on the weekend of December 16th of color, dancing, and light as you experience the love story of Mary and Joseph from children with a million dreams to a couple struggling with the hint of betrayal to the joyful parents of the hope of the world. It promises to be a show like no other that will leave you singing these loved songs with a new understanding. 


"Do you guys REALLY like the Greatest Showman? 

Yes! It's a great story of hope! Plus we LOVE to "dream with our eyes wide open!"

(See what we did right there?)


"Do I need to purchase tickets?"

Nope. It's absolutely free. 


"Will there be something for our kids?"

Families are encouraged to sit together but we will have childcare up to age 5. 


"I see you're a church. Is everybody welcomed to attend?"

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome - it's part of who we are. 


"What kind of church are you?

We're a Christian Church.

Do you have a question? 

Contact us!

860 354 7700