War Room

Week 1: Victories Are Not Won by Accident

October 4, 2015

Prayer is how we work war with our hands.  God can do nothing unless prays.

Week 2: The Prayer Closet

October 11, 2015

The prayer closet is a place where we meet the One who matters most to us - God.  It's also a place where we can get intimate and naked before God.

Week 3: Let it Rain

October 18, 2015

We need to pray based on God's promises and with persistence.  We need to pray like we are waiting for pizza.

Week 4: 12 Stones... Never Forget

October 25, 2015

When we pray, God performs.  We need to build memorials so that we remember what God has done.

Week 5: Pray Prophetically

November 1, 2015

We need to start praying prophetically through smart talk.  Make a mental picture of what God has promised and respond to the negative with a promise.

Week 6: The Power of the First

November 8, 2015

Faith enacts the blessing.  The tithe is the redemptive portion.  We need to break the spirit of mammon.

Week 7: Satan, the Lord Rebukes You!

November 15, 2015

We pray because there is a God who has a mind toward us and an enemy who is trying to harm us.  Prayer and giving is a combination that gets God to rebuke the devil - don't just drop your offering, declare over it.