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Online Video Training 

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Connection Groups
Live Streaming
DMX Lighting

Connection Group / InFellowship Training

Pator Vega speaks about the bibical importance of fellowship and connection groups

Video 1 - The difference between FellowShipOne and InFellowship

Video 2 - Creating a new InFellowship account

Video 3 - Adjusting Privacy and Security Settings

Video 4 - Posting Group Attendance with InFellowship

Video 5 - Editing, Adding and Removing Members

Download Instructions : How to create a new InFellowship account

Download Instructions : Manage Your InFellowship Groups


FellowshipOne Check-In Training

Video 6 - How to use FellowshipOne for Check-In

Video 7 - Using the Parent Paging System


Live Streaming Training

Video 8 - All about and how we do Live Streaming

Video 8a - Setup, Configuring and Starting Live Streaming

Video 9 - All about preperation and Chat Room Hosting

Video 8b - What is a Codec as Fast As Possible

Video 8c - Video Compression as Fast As Possible


FellowshipOne Training

Video 10 - Setting Notifications and Changing Passwords

Video 11 - How to use Contact Management

Video 12 - Track classroom attendance with Attributes

Video 11a - Add people to FellowshipOne (w/contacts)

DMX Lighting

DMX Lighting Training

Video 13 - What is DMX?

Video 14 - DMX Addressing

Video 15 - Dip switches

Video 16 - DMX Wiring

Video 17 - DMX Hardware and Software

Video 18 - [Part 1] DMX Lighting with iPad How-To

Video 19 -  [Part 2] DMX Lighting with iPad How-To

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